The AD Foundation

Our Mission

We have to start talking about this. We have to start with one life, with one purpose. We have to help save a family from the horrors of opiate addiction.

How we do that is to first stop young people from being addicted in the first place. And second, focus of the recovery of kids already addicted. We are not a recovery program, but we are a source to help fund them.



We have already established an annual scholarship program at Maryville High School where we award both a student athlete and a fine arts student with funds to help spur their creative future.



We will allocate resources to both public and private entities with similar goals as ours, by providing grants to improve facilities or add new educational programs regarding abuse and recovery.



Information is key. A speakers’ bureau of collegiate and professional athletes will go out to the schools and churches to share Aaron’s story.


We hope Aaron’s story has touched your hearts. He has a voice now and he’s calling for us to make a difference. Won’t you consider helping us in our efforts?